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CLA Softgel Capsules

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Features and Benefits of CLA

There are vast amounts of empirical evidence supporting CLA’s use as a fat loss aid. These individual accounts have solidified CLA as a supplement staple for weight management and health.

Dorian Yates’ CLA is extracted from safflower plants, delivering 1000mg of CLA per capsule. This 1000mg of CLA will provide a clinical dose of 500mg of the c9,t11 isomer and 500mg of the c10,t12 isomer.

The so-called c9,t11 and c10,t12 isomers determine the make-up of CLA and, because CLA’s effects on the body are isomer specific, also dictate the benefits the CLA provides.

The c9,t11-CLA and t10,c12-CLA isomers are thought to be the most anti-adipogenic isomers, meaning they can reduce fat cell formation.



As a dietary supplement, consume 1 softgel daily, preferably between meals with water or another liquid.


Storage instructions

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.