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B2B Partnership

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Fueling Success, Building Legacies: B2B Partnerships with DY Nutrition

Welcome to DY Nutrition, a globally renowned brand founded by the iconic 6-times Mr. Olympia winner, Dorian Yates. We invite esteemed fitness centers, nutrition stores, and distributors from Switzerland to join hands with us in revolutionizing the health and wellness industry.

About DY Nutrition

Founded by the legendary six-time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates, DY Nutrition was forged to take sports nutrition to the next level.

Through proven research, our in-house scientific team, the knowledge and experience of Dorian Yates, DY Nutrition provides users with the best supplementation products on the market.

We are committed to helping customers achieve life-changing improvements in their fitness, performance and health through our wide range of nutritional supplements – developed in collaboration with our founder, bodybuilding legend, Dorian Yates.

Our Mission

It is Dorian’s own transformational journey and philosophy that drives our mission to help everyone change their game.

Everyone can benefit from our game-changing knowledge and expertise of the world of health and wellness by tapping into the accessible and unsurpassed wisdom of our founder, a legend in the sport of bodybuilding, Dorian Yates, wisdom gained over four decades of changing the game at the very highest level.

Dorian’s knowledge and extensive experience have inspired us to create a range of products using the highest-quality ingredients to help customers maximize their own health and wellness journey.

Quality Statement

One of our core brand value is quality.

  • Quality Systems - Here at DY Nutrition we ensure our Quality Systems are driven throughout each step of the development and production process, this is from raw material evaluation to fulfillment.
  • Laboratory Testing - All products undergo laboratory testing to confirm the integrity and quality of each product. As a standard several tests are implemented to support the validity and efficacy of raw material and final product.
  • ISO STANDARDS - All our products are made in manufacturing facilities that are routinely assessed by the British Assessment Bureau to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to ISO: 9001 standards, GMP, ISO:22000-2005.

Global Presence

DY Nutrition premium range of supplements is sold in over 60 key international markets: the UK, Australia, Peru, Ecuador, Egypt, Jordan, Vietnam, Philippines, The Netherlands, Romania, France, South Africa to just to name a few.


Why Partner with DY Nutrition?

    1. Dorian Yates' Legacy: Partnering with DY Nutrition means aligning your business with the legend himself, Dorian Yates. His unparalleled expertise and commitment to excellence ensure a brand that's respected and admired globally.
    2. High-Quality Supplements: Our products undergo rigorous testing and are crafted with the utmost precision, ensuring they meet the demands of elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Partnering with us means offering your clientele access to the best supplements in the market.
    3. Exclusive Benefits for Partners: As a B2B partner, you'll gain access to:
    • Competitive pricing structures for bulk purchases.
    • Marketing support and promotional materials tailored to your business.
    • Priority access to new product launches and exclusive offers.

Our Partnership Opportunities:

Fitness Centers:

Enhance your gym's reputation by offering premium DY Nutrition supplements to your members. Elevate their fitness journey and distinguish your establishment as a hub for excellence in health and wellness.

Nutrition Stores:

Stock your shelves with products backed by Dorian Yates' legacy. Provide your customers with trusted, high-quality supplements that stand out in a competitive market, fostering customer loyalty and trust.


Join forces with us to distribute DY Nutrition products across Switzerland. Benefit from a partnership that prioritizes quality, reliability, and mutual growth.


Join Us in Redefining Excellence:

Partnering with DY Nutrition is more than a business venture; it's a commitment to excellence. Together, let's inspire healthier lives and set new standards in the fitness and nutrition industry.

Contact Us:

Are you ready to elevate your business with DY Nutrition? Reach out to our team today to explore partnership opportunities tailored to your business needs.

DY Nutrition Switzerland

Casinoplatz 7, 7000 Chur

Phone: (+41) 76 768 48 12